Donor FAQs

Where will my donation go?


By contributing to the foundation you will be helping us to improve aspects of campaigning such as website design, media coaching, campaign training and data analysis which will empower independents from across the United Kingdom. We will use your funds to help organise and create these resources.


What difference can an extra donation make?


For a new independent candidate from a challenging background, something as simple as advice on how to leaflet effectively can make the difference between engaging with 5 constituents to engaging with 500. Your donation can elevate an independent candidate, motivated with energy and ideas but lacking in experience and professional design. Your donation could bring credibility to an independent and help give them a fighting chance against entrenched and established opponents. 


Why aren’t you a registered charity ?


We’d love to be a charity but unfortunately charities are not permitted to directly support candidates at elections. We are a company limited by guarantee, we take no dividends and have no shares. We are a non-profit. Not being a charity unfortunately locks us out of access from certains grants and thus your donation is extremely welcome. 


Make A Quick Donation

Your donation makes the difference. If you have any further questions please ask.