About us

We at The Renew Foundation believe that civic participation is a key element of a successful society and a well-functioning and just democracy where all voices are heard.

We believe in the benefits of bringing more under-represented groups and representatives into the democratic process. A separate and distinct project focussing on electoral registration as a recognisable social good.

We are committed to the ongoing endeavour of widening participation, for both potential candidates and improved levels of electoral registration and voting.


  • The Renew Foundation supporting independent-minded candidates. 


  • Providing candidacy support to Independent-minded candidates standing for office, at all levels, throughout the UK, in the form of training, design, social media, printed media, PR, Comms, data, tech and campaign advice.
  • Providing a central platform for candidates from different regions to support one another with technical, electoral and campaign advice and moral support.
  • Providing a nationally-recognised endorsement (or kitemark) covering online vetting, DBS-check and values pledge.


  • Throughout the UK


  •  Local and national elections and by-elections


  • In order to constantly improve, rejuvenate and reform our civic and political systems and processes and to provide both better and broader representation and outcomes for voters/citizens.


  • Offering support and service to independent, non-party-affiliated candidates and potential candidates. 


  • More candidates from less represented and less privileged backgrounds, from outside of the traditional pool of political recruits.


  • More community political engagement 
  • More representative candidates in elections
  • More independent councillors and MPs
  • More engaging political campaigns
  • Young people with new political skills 


  • More diverse representatives 
  • More advocates from political reform present in politics
  • Ongoing renewal and rejuvenation of political engagement amongst individuals, communities, voters and candidates.


In order to maintain a standard of quality, all Renew Foundation-supported candidates must commit to the following charter.

As an Independent for Renew candidate, I agree to act according to the following principles:

  1. The principle of electoral and political reform in the UK
  2. Opposition to nationalism, populism, and all forms of prejudice.
  3. Opposition to extremism and political efforts to divide society rather than unite it.
  4. Commitment to calm, rational debate and agreement to avoid inflammatory language online and in person.
  5. Commitment to evidence-based policy and decision-making.
  6. Commitment to the principle of working across political divides and participating in cross-party dialogue and initiatives, locally and nationally.

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