Running for office is difficult without the infrastructure. organisation and historical knowledge of the main, established UK political parties. Ordinary local people who wish to represent their communities face an uphill battle trying to compete against the odds.

The Renew Foundation was set up to level the political playing field by providing similar types of resources that are provided by political parties to independent candidates, in order to supercharge their campaigns. We offer digital support, campaign training, access to a network of other independents, leaflet design and data insights, whilst leaving you free to formulate your own platform as an independent representing your local area and your community.

We require are that you sign-up to our charter (below) and state openly and transparently that your candidacy is supported by The Renew Foundation.


As an independent candidate, supported by The Renew Foundation, I agree to act according to the following principles:

  1. The principle of electoral and political reform in the UK.
  2. Opposition to all forms of prejudice.
  3. Opposition to extremism and political efforts to divide society rather than unite it.
  4. Commitment to calm, rational debate and agreement to avoid inflammatory language online and in person.
  5. Commitment to evidence-based policy and decision-making.
  6. Commitment to the principle of working across political divides and participating in cross-party dialogue and initiatives, locally and nationally.

Increase Your Electability

Power on your campaign and increase your votes with the Renew Foundation.