Britain’s disadvantaged communities are under-represented and often left behind. Communities struggling the most need a louder voice. Individuals have the power to bring change at the local level if they have the resources to make an impact at the ballot box. Too often these individuals don’t stand up because they haven’t the resources or skills to do so. We are changing that.

Identifying Candidates:

The Renew Foundation is dedicated to empowering candidates who represent all walks of British society. We aim to reach communities historically left out of the political scope directly improving the democratic shape of the United Kingdom. Candidates may have had a hard start to life, may have little money to finance a campaign; at the foundation, we aim to empower these people to bring previously underrepresented voices into UK politics.

We are especially interested in supporting younger candidates and candidates from unrepresented ethnic minority groups. We strongly believe that democracy is for all.

Promoting Democracy:

A healthy democracy must be representative and must have high levels of participation from all of its unique and individual communities.

We want more kinds of people to have a voice in governance to bring about real change our communities. Whether these communities are excluded ethnic minorities or unrepresented age groups, we want their voices to be heard. We believe that stronger representative candidates can bring about significant enhancements to the UK’s civic society and democracy. Louder independent local voices will reshape Britain’s politics back improving participation and representation.

Represent Your Community

Do you feel like you can represent your community?