Standing as an independent shouldn’t mean settling for second-rate resources. Independents should have access to great websites, leaflets, networks, and data. The Renew Foundation strives to supply its candidates with the tools they need to make the right impression and to launch credible campaigns.

Digital Analysis:

The Renew Foundation has access to cutting-edge digital analysis which can help candidates monitor their online campaigns and make adjustments to online campaign strategies to best reach their potential voters. High-quality digital analysis is out of the reach of most independent candidates, often due to its cost; we are levelling the playing field for independents in the digital space.


Professionally designed leaflets can increase a candidate’s credibility greatly. Becoming a candidate shouldn’t require personally high-level design or digital skills. The Foundation’s in-house design team is able to help design leaflets following templates to make sure candidates are presenting themselves in the most professional way.

Web Profiles:

One of the key issues many independent candidates face is creating a professional website for the public to view policy and what makes an unique candidate. The Foundation can provide candidates with their own webpage which gives voters a clear impression of what candidates stand for, and is a necessary platform for contesting elections effectively. Professional websites are important tools to allow voters and supporters to get in contact, donate and sign up.

Increase Your Electability

Supercharge your candiacy and become a Renew Foundation backed candidate.