The Renew Foundation’s main goal is to empower and improve the quality of independent candidates, levelling the playing field. The Foundation welcomes all independent’s who want to make a difference in their communities and improve the democratic character of the United Kingdom.


All of our candidates sign up to our charter.

  1. The principle of electoral and political reform in the UK
  2. Opposition to all forms of prejudice.
  3. Opposition to extremism and political efforts to divide society rather than unite it.
  4. Commitment to calm, rational debate and agreement to avoid inflammatory language online and in person.
  5. Commitment to evidence-based policy and decision-making.
  6. Commitment to the principle of working across political divides and participating in cross-party dialogue and initiatives, locally and nationally.


The Renew Foundation supports candidates who are seeking to honestly represent their communities. Therefore candidates with extremist or racist views are not welcome. The Foundation seeks to empower people who want to make positive changes for all constituents, not just a select, privileged few.


Independents shouldn’t need to be experts to have an impact on local affairs. The Foundation is committed to training candidates on both the basic and more advanced aspects of electioneering through a combination of an online learning environment and in-person sessions. Learning the basics can help candidates avoid simple mistakes, making elections simpler and more stress-free.

Increase Your Electability

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